World’s first low-temperature glass 3D printer

Rapidly growing Polish R&D centre and hardware house – Sygnis New Technologies – introduces cutting edge technology consisting in low-temperature glass 3D printing system. Groundbreaking achievement is a result of a four-year research and development process. Syglass will allow the creation of previously impossible advanced projects for optics, photonics, cybersecurity and environmental protection areas.

The 3D printer will have its premiere at:

16-19.11.2021, in Frankfurt am Main.

Meet with our engineers and talk about the Syglass system at:

Gitex Global in Dubai (17-21.10.2021)

Days of 3D Printing in Kielce (19-21.10.2021)

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Sygnis New Technologies sp. z o.o.
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phone: 22 668 47 57